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Why does the suggested route, distance or travel time differ from other routing tools?
Implementing a car routing network requires several choices to be made. For example: Which restrictions do I use? Which speeds do I use? How do I connect to coordinates? Which data supplier do I use? What update frequency do I use? Every company applies this differently and this results in different outcomes of routing requests.

What type of restrictions are used in the car routing network?
The car routing network uses the following restrictions: one way, turn restrictions and access restrictions, all applicable to passenger cars.

Does the network contain all roads which physically allow car traffic?
The network contains roads that are open to the public. This means that roads which are accessible only for inhabitants, employees, authorized personnel or members are excluded. Such roads often have physical obstructions, like boom barriers or rising bollards. Usually you need a permit or an access card to enter such roads.

Does the car routing network take into account temporary closures like roadworks?
No, in the network all roads that are temporarily inaccessible are marked as accessible.

Are pedestrian zones accessible in the network?
In general the pedestrian zones are not open for routing. These zones are usually only accessible for permit holders at certain hours.

Are private roads accessible in the network?
The network contains roads that are open to the public. Private roads are usually not open.

How is the route calculated?
Depending on the type of request the route is optimized using distance or travel time. The travel time is calculated using actual historical road speeds for a chosen standard moment during the week.

Are toll roads recognizable in the network?
The toll roads are part of the network but can’t be identified or manipulated. In other words, there is no option to avoid these roads while doing a routing request.

How are locations connected to the routing network?
Locations are plotted perpendicular on the network.

The suggested route doesn’t start in the street I provided. How is this possible?
In some cases the coordinates of the departure or destination address are located on a road that is not open for the public. This occurs for example when the address is in a pedestrian zone. The chosen arrival or departure point is the nearest point on the network.
Afbeelding 35
The starting point ‘Nieuwendijk 100’ is not accessible by car. The closest street is chosen instead, in this case ‘Damrak’.

How often is the car routing network updated?

The car network is updated twice a year.

Is it possible to customize the routing network to my preferences?
At the moment a single passenger car network is offered via GeodanMaps.